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Rock With A Band  Music Festival 2017

Bryan Hitt of REO Speedwagon endorses Rock With A Band!

Bryan says, “The world needs more programs that teach kids how to ROCK! He even sent a set of signed sticks to Rock With A Band!

Bryan knows how important it is for kids to have the outlet of music at the age of ten inspired by the likes of "Cubby" on the Mouseketeers, Ricky (as played by Keith Thibodeaux) of the I love Lucy Show, and Ringo of the Beatles, Bryan joined the fifth grade school band and took up drumming along with about twenty or so other ambitious fledgling percussionists.

Like the others Bryan started out by tapping out on a practice board and learning the fundamentals of beat, timing, and drum rolls.  By the start of the sixth grade school year, Bryan was the only student that played the snare drummer in the high school band. It was at this time in his youth that Bryan began to discover that he had an ability that separated himself from others. This gave him the confidence to continue on and pursue his love of playing drums. Continue reading


Learn To Rock The World

  At Rock With A Band, we have a unique approach to teaching music that helps kids blossom into amazing musicians.

  In addition to individual private lessons, our performance program gives all participating kids the opportunity to work with a team and perform live in front of audiences.  Along the way, your child learns to work toward a goal, hone their music skills, and play music from the greatest rock bands ever!


  The “Rock With A Band”  Family Fun Fest is an attraction for the whole family.

  This year we are proud to announce a portion of the festivals proceeds will be going to Snack Pak 4 Kids Amarillo. This years festival will include: a Car Show, BBQ Cook Off, Vendors, Bouncy Houses, and feature a concert with the kids of “Rock With A Band!”

This is one event you do not want to miss. For more information about sponsorship contact us here or by phone!

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Chain Driven of RWAB opens for, Mike Etsy, former guitarist of Lynard Skynard!